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Cultivating groovy inner peace & adventurous spirit while studying Chinese Medicine, the mountains, and me.

New friends!


I’ve met a great group of folks already, and each one brings so much to the table, so soon! Maggie is a 3rd year at Daoist Traditions and will be able to hang out more once comps are finished this June! I’m looking forward to hanging out and hitting the trails with her! Tracey and I have just re-connected ( we were co-workers at a clinic in Greensboro for some time), and it was a wonderful treat to get to grab lunch at some really yummy spots these past two days. I also saw her this morning for a long overdue acupuncture/ gua sha/ cupping treatment for my back! I feel like 100% again! Later this evening, I met the old tenant’s sister, Erin & fianceé,Jameson,who live right around the corner,  and we shared record time, porch hangs, and drinks! Now, that’s what I’m talking about! We really connected on ways we see our meaningful work/vocations connecting now, and in the future- our histories that brought us here, in struggle, were shared, and all in all, I feel delighted to meet such warm, and open folks in such a short time. I wrote a few letters today, too, and sent them off via snail mail this afternoon to my far away framily (that’s “friend-family”) and got to have a few phone/facebook conversations, too. I made myself dinner & poured a glass or merlot that my favorite restauranteur gave me as a parting gift last Friday, while I cozied up with my cat boys, and caught up on Mad Men & Game of Thrones. Life is sweet! Thank you, universe!Image


Author: Joy Rosa

I am happy to be a new member of the Portland community. Looking to radically transform alternative healthcare modalities by making acupuncture & herbal remedies affordable & comprehensive holistic care to a broader community. I am very excited to continue learning more about Chinese Medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine during my residency in Rose City. I began my journey with Chinese Medicine over 6 years ago, as a patient with acute injuries. Upon graduating, I took a position at the Women's Health Educational Consultants, based out of Durham and Chapel Hill, NC. I also began working at a small acupuncture clinic in Greensboro, NC, where I delved into the nurturing and healing properties of herbs & acupuncture while tending to the Chinese herbal pharmacy, and managing the clinic for over two years. Taking an active role in one's own health & well being is very important to me, and extremely necessary to educate and empower ourselves so that we may enable broader community health & wellness. Other activities that bolster my well-being include crafting, communing in nature, collecting vinyl records, and jamming out with Greensboro's radical southern-styled-samba core,Cakalak Thunder, whenever I can.

2 thoughts on “New friends!

  1. Sounds like you’re off to great start in your new life! It seems Asheville is going to be a cozy, friendly, and enlightening space to be in over these next years! Love youuu!

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