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Yoga & farmers’ market & curtain makin’, oh my!

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Today, Tracey and I made our way to a Kundalini yoga class led by her friend Krystal. Let’s just say I know I’m in Asheville, nowI desperately miss Patti’s Yoga For Queers & Misfits classes! Patti’s space has been created to “Engage in Community Building and Community Healing while practicing All-Levels, Life-Affirming Yoga with Queer, Gender Non-Conforming, Counter-Cultural, Hairy-Bodied, & otherwise ‘Othered’ folks,” which is something I have yet to find, here, but hopefully I will! I always felt comfortable & positive about my body and it’s capabilities in her class–somethings that are extremely important for me and many others. My friend and fellow reserve Cakalaker, Katie, came over this afternoon, and we’ve been crafting all day. I had a lot of fun catching up with her, and while she crotched a blanket for fathers’ day, I finished my bedroom curtains. Syd helped, too, but not for long. I got a message from my new friend, Erin, and Katie & I took a break in between projects to head to the East Asheville Tailgate Farmers’ Market, which was small and  delightful. Taste & See food truck was there, and we had delicious tacos de pescados & thai shrimp sliders — Popcorn shrimp topped with mango habanero slaw and locally made hot sauce…OH.MY.GODDESS. way too yummy for words! I bought some local kale, homemade rye bread, cage free eggs, and an amazing housewarming jade plant. Jade plants are primarily green, the color of growth, renewal and spring. Jades bring good luck in the form of wealth, and having them in the home is said to boost mental acuity with the increase in oxygen they release into the home. Leaves that are knocked off a parent plant are lucky if they land on soil because they can grow on their own. They can also be propagated by allowing a stem cutting to dry for a few days and then planting it in soil. I really miss my plant friends who are being plantsat by my good friend Becky, so this big guy will have to do until we’re reunited. I finished my curtains, but still need to find cheap rods and hooks to hang them with. For now, they are tacked on to my windows and look pretty damn cool. Can’t wait to cook a healthy breakfast tomorrow! 





Author: Joy Rosa

I am happy to be a new member of the Portland community. Looking to radically transform alternative healthcare modalities by making acupuncture & herbal remedies affordable & comprehensive holistic care to a broader community. I am very excited to continue learning more about Chinese Medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine during my residency in Rose City. I began my journey with Chinese Medicine over 6 years ago, as a patient with acute injuries. Upon graduating, I took a position at the Women's Health Educational Consultants, based out of Durham and Chapel Hill, NC. I also began working at a small acupuncture clinic in Greensboro, NC, where I delved into the nurturing and healing properties of herbs & acupuncture while tending to the Chinese herbal pharmacy, and managing the clinic for over two years. Taking an active role in one's own health & well being is very important to me, and extremely necessary to educate and empower ourselves so that we may enable broader community health & wellness. Other activities that bolster my well-being include crafting, communing in nature, collecting vinyl records, and jamming out with Greensboro's radical southern-styled-samba core,Cakalak Thunder, whenever I can.

One thought on “Yoga & farmers’ market & curtain makin’, oh my!

  1. hi joy! my friend and rad herbalist rae swersey might have info on a yoga for queers type thingie. look them up on facebook! xo

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