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June, baby!

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It’s been a little over the two week mark, here in ole Asheville. I must say, a lot has happened since, and regrettably  I forgot to recount certain things on here for you, but on the flip side, those thing may just be for my own personal growth and understanding. That being said, in all honesty, last week was rough! I think that certain feelings finally started to sink in about my move, my beloved Figaro passing away, a very sad breakup, the hours of endless “alone” time…I’m not really complaining at all, just realizing change, and that change is a struggle if it’s for any good purpose at all. I got a chance to Skype with my good friend Ricky of  Vital Bloom Botanicals. Please check out here selection of herbs, tinctures, teas, etc, for all your natural health & well-being needs! Like a seed cracking open to reveal it’s flower or vegetable start…we talked about our Returns of Saturn, which are always very large shifts for a young person to sojourn though, that usually begin, well, right about my age. Basically, I’m beginning to realize & actualize my inner and outer selves, and syncing them up can be difficult to do, at times.


There has been quite a lot of struggle & change, and tonight, while out with some great new friends of mine, my horoscope read something like ” revel in the changes passing and realize they are for a greater good.” OK, I’ll take that! I think this alone time has been overdue, and in spite of feeling bouts of actual loneliness , I’m eating healthier, exercising, mowing the lawn, finishing my garden, taking walks around the neighborhood, finishing some good books, and exploring in and around Asheville. These are things I craved that I wasn’t doing on my own for some time now, and I finally feel like I’m steadily getting back on track. My folks came back to the USA last week, as well. They had been celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary in Italy! Congratulations, Mom & Dad. Here is their travel blog, if anyone is interested in keeping up with their own adventures in life. They came up for a long weekend, and helped me spruce up the new place with a freshly painted kitchen, and blinds & curtain rods for my handmade curtains. Then,I got to Skype in with my heart & soul, Cakalak Thunder, while we debriefed about our kick ass 10 Year Celebration at the end of April. Also, on Sunday night, we said “see ya later” to our sweet Tracey Crocker, a former co-worker of mine, who is moving back to her motherland, Canada. She’s been such an inspiration to me when times were toughest at the clinic, and I will always think  of her spirit as a practitioner when I’m gearing up for classes starting soon! We gathered at The Bywater for fond farewells. I’ve gotta say, it’s one of the coolest bars I’ve been to here–you can kayak, or tube down the French Broad River, and pop right into The Bywater’s ‘backyard’ where they have grills and corn hole, and live music, for you to enjoy on your break from adventure time.


Last night, I had a sweet surprise visit from my great friends Josh, Jess & their sweet kiddos, Joey & Jem, and lil Emily on the way! They made my day being here, and hopefully they’ll be moving here shortly! I went to Golden Needle, today with my new friend, licensed practitioner,and former student of Daoist Traditions, D Smith . This is a supply warehouse for acupuncture clinicians, and students. I had been lucky enough to place so many orders with them over my years working in a clinic, that today I finally saw the inner workings, and bought a few supplies I had run out of, recently. Then off to The Wedge Brewery & Bar, to say another “see ya later” to our former tenant Kyle Murphy ( of KNM portraits), as he heads around the country shooting more wedding pix. His sister,Erin, her fiancé, Jameson, and I really hit it off, and Kyle has been super helpful and friendly whenever he’s in town. They’re good people, who know more good people, so I’ve been really lucky to meet them right off the bat. I skipped yin yoga tonight, which a new friend Rae had recommended, because I was finishing planting my garden! Hopefully it’s not too late, but it’s been so nice being able to enjoy an actual spring season up here, so I think I made the mark just in time! And hopefully, Rae & I can make it to next weeks session.


I’m attaching a few photos now of the house set up (courtesy of KNM Portraits) , my new garden, the French Broad River (you can’t step twice in the same one, so they say!), a horse farm that I recently discovered in my own neighborhood, and me, embracing Saturn’s Return! Until next entry, Peace & Noise.



Author: Joy Rosa

I am happy to be a new member of the Portland community. Looking to radically transform alternative healthcare modalities by making acupuncture & herbal remedies affordable & comprehensive holistic care to a broader community. I am very excited to continue learning more about Chinese Medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine during my residency in Rose City. I began my journey with Chinese Medicine over 6 years ago, as a patient with acute injuries. Upon graduating, I took a position at the Women's Health Educational Consultants, based out of Durham and Chapel Hill, NC. I also began working at a small acupuncture clinic in Greensboro, NC, where I delved into the nurturing and healing properties of herbs & acupuncture while tending to the Chinese herbal pharmacy, and managing the clinic for over two years. Taking an active role in one's own health & well being is very important to me, and extremely necessary to educate and empower ourselves so that we may enable broader community health & wellness. Other activities that bolster my well-being include crafting, communing in nature, collecting vinyl records, and jamming out with Greensboro's radical southern-styled-samba core,Cakalak Thunder, whenever I can.

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  1. Love your new digs! Hopefully I can visit sometime!

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